Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What area(s) does TDB travel to provide services?

A. Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Minden/Gardnerville, Lake Tahoe (North, South, Incline and West Shore), Virginia City, Graeagle/Portola and Las Vegas. *TDB will provide services beyond listed locations. Travel fees, hotel fees and a minimum booking of 8 may be required.*

Q. Can you accommodate small and large parties alike?

A. Yes and No. We are happy to accommodate requests for small parties if the services are scheduled to take place in our community of Reno or Sparks. For services booked outside Reno or Sparks we require a minimum booking of at least 4 services – either “like” (all makeup or all hair) or “combined” (makeup and hair).

*Please note it may be possible to accommodate a small party for makeup/hair if TDB has an artist available who specializes in providing both services.

Q. If I want to book services with TDB how do I go about doing that?

A. Once you’ve reviewed our information and pricing and know you’re ready to move forward with booking services with TDB let us know and we will happily email you a list of requested information we’ll need back from you to begin drafting a contract. Once the contract is drafted we will reserve artist availability and place a “hold” on your service date. A “due date” for returning the signed contract and deposit payment will be noted on your contract. All other payment due dates will also be outlined in your contract.

Q. Can I book services with TDB even before I have a confirmed number of people for services?

A. Most certainly! We ask that you contract those that you can confirm will move forward with artistry services. We can always add services but ask that you give us ample notice as it’s possible we may need to add and extra artist(s) to accommodate your party if the party becomes large. Because of this we can only guarantee artist services if an artist(s) are available, so the more advanced notice the better.

Q. Can I book a trial run appointment prior to my event/ wedding date?

A. Of course! We suggest providing us with 3-5 dates and times that would work best to schedule a trial run. The sooner we can begin checking artist availability, the better. Please keep in mind that trial run appointments are based on artist and studio availability. During our “peak” season (May – September) weekend trial run appointments will only be available if the artist(s) are not otherwise booked to provide wedding/event services.

If requesting a trial run prior to contracting services please note that the payment of $150 must be received 1 week prior to the appointment date. You’ll have 5 days from your trial run date to let TDB know if you plan to move forward with contracting services with us. During this time the artist(s) availability will be held. Once the time has elapsed we reserve the right to open the artist(s) availability for other bookings.

Trial run payments are non-refundable.

Q. How much time do I have to spend with my artist at a trial run appointment?

A. Trial run appointments are scheduled for 2.0 hours and will not run longer. Please remember that a trial run is designed to “run through” the makeup and hair “look” you want achieved on your wedding day. In an effort to work through any adjustments you might request, the final “look” at your trial may not be a polished as it will be on your event/wedding day.

Q. What kind of makeup / hair products does TDB use?

A. Our team of artists are all professionals in the industry of beauty and therefore have preferences as to the product they are most familiar with, trained in and prefer to use. The products vary as each artist is responsible for purchasing, maintaining, and re-stocking their personal kits. If you have concerns of an allergy, please let TDB know prior to your appointment and we will make every effort to accommodate a request for alternate products to be used.

Q. Do you offer airbrush makeup?

A. At this time TDB does not offer airbrush makeup services. We continue to have this conversation season after season but agree that although airbrush makeup works great for some – it does not work great for all. We are confident that we have the best ability to accommodate all skin types, colors and textures by using traditional forms of makeup: Cream, Liquid, Powder, Sponges, Brushes and finishing/contouring tools.

Q. Do you offer extensions for hair? Can you apply hair extensions on the day of the event/wedding?

A. We do not offer, sell or provide extensions for hair. We will apply extensions on the day of the wedding to the hair styling for an added fee. We always recommend seeing your own personal hair stylist prior to your event/wedding day (trial run if booked) to discuss extensions, color treatment, cutting and hair preparations.

Q. Are lashes available?

A. Lashes are complimentary for the Bride on the day of the wedding. Lashes can be purchased for $10 at the trial run and/or by all requesting party members on the day of the wedding. This payment can be given directly to the MUA providing services on the event date prior to application.

Q. Can you accommodate last minute/day-of requests for makeup or hair?

A. Generally yes, but it is dependent on the artist(s) availability and how the timeline for day-of services is going. If time allows without interruption to the previously scheduled services and the MUA or Hair artist has availability we can often fulfill a last minute request for day-of services. It is important that you or your artist call TDB owners and notify them as they will charge the credit card on file to ensure the artist is paid for their time and efforts.

Q. What travel fees do you apply?

A. We charge a travel fee of $0.75 cents per traveled mile (round trip) for all bookings outside the Reno/Sparks community. Travel fees are based on travel from the following location: 13945 S. Virginia Street | Suite 618 | Reno, NV 89511

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

A. Check and Credit Card (3.7% transaction fee will apply)

Q. Must I provide you a credit card?

A. We require a valid credit card and signed authorization form be on file for all contracted services.

Q. Is it recommended that I tip my MUA and hair artist?

A. Yes! A tip is one of the best compliments an artist can receive from a client. We know you are paying a healthy amount of money for these services, but it’s important to remember you are paying for the expertise, on-location convenience of services, licensing, travel and company efforts and communication. A tip is a “Thank You” to the artist themselves for taking great care of you and your party members.